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Experienced Behaviourist Trainer

At Paws-a-Bella, we strive ourselves in promoting reward-based training methodology in order to support humans in building a relationship of trust and respect with their canine friends.

Browse our site to learn more about us and please feel free to contact us to book in for one of our services.

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Who We Are

Passionate. Patient. Understanding.

Paws-a-Bella was founded on the belief of supporting humans in creating a trusting relationship between them and their canine companions.

Paws-a-Bella has years of experience training animals. With a degree in Human Psychology and Diploma in Animal Training, Paws-a-Bella keeps up to date with current scientific research to make sure the best reward based approach in dog training is being achieved. Paws-a-Bella is a member of the CAPBT (COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers) member, APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) member (MAPDT UK 01283 ) and an Animal Training Instructor with the ABTC (Animal Behavior &Training Council), Kennel Club Bronze and Silver Assessor and a Scent work UK Instructor.
Having had years of experience working with pet dogs, rescue dogs, training assistance dogs and puppy development. Paws-a-Bella brings all their experience to help support humans in their relationship with their canine companion.

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Services We Offer

Reward Based Training


121 Behaviour Consultation

We provide 121 Behaviour Consultations which consists of a 2 hr face to face session and a written training programme afterwards. We work on meeting the needs of both the human and the dog, looking at the emotional side of the cause of behaviours. This service is suited for people who are looking for help for specific behaviours that they are struggling with their canine companion.  Follow on sessions are at a discount rate after a behaviour consult. 

Behaviour Consultation (2 hrs): £120 (excluding travel costs).
Follow on practical session (1 hr): £45 (excluding travel costs).


121 training session

We offer 121 training sessions to support any specific training issue that you might be wanting guidance with, such as recall, lead walking, basic obedience, etc. Each of these sessions last 1hr, this includes a training plan that you would receive afterwards. Follow on sessions at a reduced rate and a discount if 2 or more sessions are booked in advance.

121 Practical session (1 hr): £65 (excluding travel costs).
121 Practical session follow on (1 hr): £35 (excluding travel costs).


Animal Training Workshop

At Paws-a-Bella we always continue to try and develop ourselves in our knowledge and experience.  We run Animal Training Workshops to allow anyone who is interested in learning about animal training to get an opportunity to be able to do this.  The workshop lasts a whole day and is a combination of theory and practical elements.
Please note due to the nature of the workshop, it is held outside and spaces are limited.

Next workshop is on 27th August 2023 (10am - 4pm), run on a working farm in Lillingstone Lovell. £120 per person. For more information or to book on the workshop please use the contact us form or email


Dog Training Classes

We occasionally run dog training classes for dogs of various ages. Please keep any eye on the website for updates.

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Meet the Team


Paws-a-Bella was created with the main aim to help guide and support humans with their canine companions.

Paws-a-Bella is run by Abbey who has over 15yrs of experience training animals of all shapes and sizes, specialising in training dogs. With experience working with rescue dogs, pet dogs, assistance dogs and within puppy development we have a vast knowledge in canine behaviour and training.



Chloe is my eldest American Cocker Spaniel who has helped train me and so many other humans in becoming dog trainers. As well as being a teacher to humans she has also helped rehabilitate a few dogs along the way too! She is now the chief tester of doggie products to help advise other dog owners on the best dog products out there.

Canine helper


Buffy, an American Cocker Spaniel has been a great teacher for me and many other humans in training them to become dog trainers. Due to her amazing temperament and gentle character she has helped rehabilitate the more nervous dogs, helping to build their confidence. 

Canine helper


Maple, an American Cocker Spaniel is the newest recruit to the Paws-a-Bella Team. She is currently learning the ropes.

Canine helper

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